Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mission Study

I live very close to the San Juan Bautista Mission and have been wanting to paint its image. This was a perfect example:

This is my initial sketch that I completed today:

My goal is to keep the reflection of the mission as the focal point.

We'll soon see how I succeed!

ETA: I found out that the original photograph was taken by the very talented Kirk Kirkpatrick. I really love the reflection and the contrasting colors.

Vibrant Roses

I absolutely adore this painting that I found online and wanted to try to reproduce it's image. I love roses and I am amazed by the color red in oil paintings so this was a magnificent challenge for me.You can see the progress of this painting by clicking my flickr icon on the right - this is part of my art class series of lessons.

I am very proud of my vibrant reds in my final painting and am also extremely appreciative of good lighting. When this canvas is in good light, it is lovely.

Rocking Chairs Update

I am still tweaking my rocking chairs. Here is the latest:
I am going to give this painting to my sister and brother-in-law because they just purchased a mountain home in North Carolina and they have a country porch with rocking chairs so this will totally be in theme with their decor.
I am still not satisfied with my painting and will continue to try to improve it's appearance.

After Much Ado

I am making great progress with my painting exercises.

Here are some updates of my paintings:

Final apple painting with glazing

This was another apple painting that was done with palette knife only - NO brush work

Although I hate this image, I am trying to go through the lesson to learn tones and shadows.