Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Fair Entries Won!

I cannot believe that every single painting that I entered actually won at the fair.
My mission painting won "Best Of Show" (you can click any picture to enlarge):
The glare is horrendous but you get the gist. In the same division, my apples came in second place:
For the floral division, my red roses came in second place and my blue hydrangeas came in third place. You can see the first place winner under my paintings.

This is the best picture that I got of the 1st place winner:

Here are close-ups of my floral entries.
My mission reflection piece was entered in a special category - it was best of county and because the San Juan Bautista mission is in our county, I entered this painting in this division. I titled the painting "Mission Reflection":
I came in second place for the special county division. Honestly, this is where I am confused and need some help.
The first place went to this car drawing. My husband thinks that the judges didn't get the reflection of the mission in the door glass and thus didn't understand the connection to our county. Is this painting remarkable and what am I missing?:

I cannot believe that my florals won ribbons because I seemed to be the only one to like them but I was really expecting my mission reflection piece to win the special county division. I am beyond over the moon with my other mission painting winning "best of show" and cannot believe that everything that I entered actually won something.

Any help with understanding the car/truck is greatly appreciated! You should be able to click the pictures to view better - not that the pictures do anything any justice!

I am very grateful!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Paintings Ready For Fair!

Sorry for the blurred pictures but it was the best I could do without a tripod. They look much better in person than here but I am very excited/nervous about my fair entries. The requirements are that they all be framed so specifications and the entry forms had to be completed weeks ago. The judging takes place in 15 days.

Blue Hydrangea Oil Painting to be entered in "floral" category. I could submit up to two floral paintings and will be competing against all professionals and semi-professionals. Last year my sunflowers came in first place.
I think I am the only one who likes my red roses. This will be my second entry in the floral division and I do not expect to win any ribbons because of the lack of enthusiasm from others. I wish the picture weren't so blurred.
There is a category for our county and because this mission is in my county, I will be entering it and competing against all professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs in all divisions. I hope they get it with the reflection of the mission in the glass door.

This is one of two paintings that I will enter in the amateur division. This was the second painting that I ever did and I am still proud of the reflections in the apples. This is also the first painting that I set up by myself.

This is my favorite painting so far and it will be entered in the amateur division. I will be very disappointed if this doesn't win anything. It took me a long time to complete and I am proud of the results.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I started with a burnt umber and turp under-layer. I read that it makes the colors "pop" and it sure seemed to do the trick.

Third Mission Study

This is where I am now with this painting. I am probably about 2/3 of the way done with this painting.
What I don't like: flower bushes, bouganvillea, columns
What I like: general tone of painting
I am letting this layer dry before completing it.

My Lesson

I had another lesson and took several of my paintings to get feedback and help with finishing off.

She said that I should just glaze and sign my two mission paintings - they really do look good in person. I SO wish I could figure out how to get a good digital picture of my paintings.

She helped me finish off my red roses by helping me with the temperature - warm colors need cool to help them "pop" so I glazed with some daniel smith purple and liquin in the shadow areas. She also had me whiten the tips of the leaves.

I was very discouraged with my rocking chairs and ready to dump it but she helped me with taking out distracting parts and glazing certain edges. This is for my sister and brother-in-law for their cabin in North Carolina:

I am now starting another mission painting and hydrangeas.

Monday, July 07, 2008

After Much Ado

I FINALLY got my new computer and can type like a normal person.

I have been painting feverishly and learning much and intend on catching up with my life painting lessons in the coming days.

Will post progress of paintings and lessons learned soon

Monday, June 30, 2008

Mission Studies

San Juan Capistrano Mission
Painting Process:

close up of focal point - need More sky holes in bougainvillea and more dangling flowers and more vibrant red