Friday, August 24, 2007

Rocking Chairs

I am struggling with all of the various colors in this painting.

I am disappointed with my background shrubs - I need it to dry some more to get more yellows and greens - then the shadows will make more sense.
The rocking chairs are very tedious for me right now - sometimes they look gray/white, sometimes I see oranges in the white, sometimes pinkish and then blueish.

Here is the progression:


I've been steady painting since my last post and wanted to make some notes for myself.

I still get pissed with my group lesson but am being talked into taking ONE more class - she says it will be a simple subject. I have a feeling I am going to be pissed at myself again.

I do adore my private lessons and I learned a ton last time.

I used my perylene scarlett as a glaze on my cherries and they just look so juicy and pop. I am amazed at the feedback I am getting with that painting. At my lesson, a lady wanted to purchase the cherries, guests have been saying they would like a print and they emphasize they are serious and when I took that and the sunflowers into the frame shop yesterday, all four employees kept complimenting me - that felt good. I do think there is something about the cherries that stands out - my sunflowers are just getting so-so feedback so I know the people are being sincere.

I wish I could get a good picture of my cherries - I still don't know how to work out the glare issues and the cherries particularly are photographing poorly.

Notes from private lesson:

I need to work on warm and cool

Layering makes paintings more alive

It is important for the paint to be dry when glazing

I am actually going to do something completely out of my comfort zone and I am entering 3 paintings in the county fair. I hate being judged and especially, being criticized so this will be huge for me. I keep picturing myself going and seeing ribbons and then I picture myself going there and being crushed because none of my paintings get anything. I am so insecure! geez

The paintings need to be framed so that is why I am doing the unexpected. Framing is outrageous - approx. $220 each painting and I have heard it is the same everywhere.

I learned the painting the edge of my canvas with black acrylic paint helps when a painting is not framed. I don't see myself framing many more works of art. It is just ridiculous.