Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Fair Entries Won!

I cannot believe that every single painting that I entered actually won at the fair.
My mission painting won "Best Of Show" (you can click any picture to enlarge):
The glare is horrendous but you get the gist. In the same division, my apples came in second place:
For the floral division, my red roses came in second place and my blue hydrangeas came in third place. You can see the first place winner under my paintings.

This is the best picture that I got of the 1st place winner:

Here are close-ups of my floral entries.
My mission reflection piece was entered in a special category - it was best of county and because the San Juan Bautista mission is in our county, I entered this painting in this division. I titled the painting "Mission Reflection":
I came in second place for the special county division. Honestly, this is where I am confused and need some help.
The first place went to this car drawing. My husband thinks that the judges didn't get the reflection of the mission in the door glass and thus didn't understand the connection to our county. Is this painting remarkable and what am I missing?:

I cannot believe that my florals won ribbons because I seemed to be the only one to like them but I was really expecting my mission reflection piece to win the special county division. I am beyond over the moon with my other mission painting winning "best of show" and cannot believe that everything that I entered actually won something.

Any help with understanding the car/truck is greatly appreciated! You should be able to click the pictures to view better - not that the pictures do anything any justice!

I am very grateful!


Blogger Bonnie said...

I am so impressed. BEST IN SHOW! WOW! It's incredible. And your florals redeemed themselves, too.

Of course, Mission Reflection was my favorite. I could not read the tag on the truck, but it looks like a wood block print. Do you think? If that's the case, it was carved in reverse, which makes it impressive. If so, it's pretty complicated. The style is very homey, which is in sharp contrast to yours. Perhaps one of the judges is in agriculture and this spoke to him/her.

You never know. Maybe they had a fist fight over judging those pieces. In part, I do think it was a message thing and it was glaringly (pun intended) obvious that it was local. Subtle didn't win, but the piece certainly wasn't lost to them.

Best in Show! Sheesh.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Charlatan said...

Hey Bonnie!

Thank you so much for your input, I really respect your opinion.

Actually, my mother said the same thing about the county division. That truck definitely captures the agriculture in this county very well and when I go back today, I'll look at the tag. I do know that she is a professional artist in either printmaking or mixed media...

Thank you again for your input!

8:29 AM  

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