Saturday, September 29, 2007

I WON AT THE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very excited!

I entered three paintings in the fair and ALL three won awards!

My Sunflowers won Best Floral and also First Place in a Floral Category. I get a Blue Ribbon and a $50 award from a local business.

My Cherries won the "Creativity Award" for ALL Fine Arts Categories (including sculpture,printmaking, multi-media; pottery; ink; pencil; pastel; all mediums!!) - VERY EXCITED!!!

The football picture won first prize for oil/acrylic category and my first painting (aka: masterpiece) won 3rd place.

I cannot believe the horse and the roses did not win ANYTHING! I feel bad for them and would love to contact them to let them know that I really LOVED their work.

The girl picture under my "masterpiece" won 2nd place. I still love the roses and horse that didn't win ANYTHING!

I am ever so grateful for all of my awards.

The ceremony is tomorrow and I will post pictures of the event!

THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!